Jonas Brothers - Only Human

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Official music video by Jonas Brothers performing “Only Human”
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“Only Human” Lyrics:
Yeah, ayy
I don't want this night to end
It’s closing time, so leave with me again (Yeah)
You got all my love to spend, oh
Let's find a place where happiness begins
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I’m leaving you (Ayy)
Just dance in the living room, love with an attitude
Drunk to an '80s groove (Ayy)
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I'm leaving you (Ayy)
Dance in the living room, love with an attitude
It's only human, you know that it's real
So why would you fight or try to deny the way that you feel?
Oh, babe, you can't fool me, your body's got other plans
So stop pretending you’re shy, just come on and
Dance, dance, dance, dance, oh
Early morning la-la-light
Only getting up to close the blinds, oh
I’m praying you don't change your mind
’Cause leaving now just don't feel right
Let's do it one more time, oh babe
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I’m leaving you (Hurts when I'm leaving you)
Just dance in the living room, love with an attitude
Drunk to an '80s groove (Ayy)
We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move
Hurts when I'm leaving you (Ayy)
Dance in the living room, love with an attitude
It's only human, you know that it's real (Know that it's real)
So why would you fight or try to deny the way that you feel?
(The way that you feel)
Oh, babe, you can't fool me, your body's got other plans
So stop pretending you're shy, just come on and
Dance, dance, dance, dance, oh
Dance, oh (Woo, ayy)
Only human
It's only (-man), it's only (-man)
Only human
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Only human
It's only (-man), it's only (-man)
Only human
Video Director: Anthony Mandler
Video Producer: Kim Bradshaw
for Black Hand Cinema
#JonasBrothers #Only Human
Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Only Human. © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Ryan Cook
Ryan Cook 20 часов назад
I'm drunk, but this was filmed in Montreal, correct? I swear I've been there/done that.
Vitting 01
Vitting 01 20 часов назад
Sometimes i miss these old graphics.
Ayanne Lopes
Ayanne Lopes 20 часов назад
Amo tanto q chega da um quentinho no coração
Harshita Kanojia
Harshita Kanojia 20 часов назад
Wanted the music video for so long. In love with this song
Saim Waqar
Saim Waqar 20 часов назад
Leticia Vasconcelos
Leticia Vasconcelos 20 часов назад
So freak good!!
Shanique 20 часов назад
The music is inspired by reggae, I though they'd involve somethinng with reggae in the video too. How does the 80s theme even makes sense?
George Harizpoulos
George Harizpoulos 21 час назад
All of those dislikes whoever has died in their life. Your beautiful wonderful family are happier in paradise. God loves you with open arms and healing hands. Subscribe to a beautiful wonderful channel Daughtry.😍😍🙏🙏
ELI SOLIS 21 час назад
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim 21 час назад
Put this at 144p Now it’s 80’s
Orlando Quiroz
Orlando Quiroz 21 час назад
Dark Raven Trouble Nevermore
Dark Raven Trouble Nevermore 21 час назад
I love this song and video the video looks like the 80s I love it! good job my fellow jonas brother boys! love you all ❤️
Team MAUSISA in Australia
Team MAUSISA in Australia 21 час назад
I am a super late bloomer here.... Am i the only ONE???? What did i do back those years!!! 😭😱 2019 now.... and i'm inlove with the TEAM...Jonas'Brothers 😍😍😍
Wonderland By Jess
Wonderland By Jess 21 час назад
Vocês conseguem ser maravilhosos sempre mds amo vcs 😍
R L 21 час назад
Love it! Has a summery feel-good Jamaican holidayish vibe to it
R L 21 час назад
Damn that intro released the endorphins in me.
Viridiana Solorio
Viridiana Solorio 21 час назад
Aimanaizat2001 mohdrizal
Aimanaizat2001 mohdrizal 22 часа назад
Simon Says
Simon Says 22 часа назад
Director: how 80s do you want it? Jonas brothers: *Yes* 😑
abhi S94
abhi S94 22 часа назад
The music of this song is super dooper crazy. I can listen it all day & never get bored.
Victoria Notario
Victoria Notario 22 часа назад
the intro sounds like “la tortura” by shakira
CALLME FAYFAY 22 часа назад
Still can't get passed 2/3 of the jonas brothers being trump supporters.
Rachel citizen
Rachel citizen 22 часа назад
I am soo obsessed with this song right now!!!
Angelica Rodriguez
Angelica Rodriguez 22 часа назад
Les quedo increible. Los amo.
hanna maye
hanna maye 22 часа назад
Algunas partes de joe me recordaron a ricki Martín.
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina 22 часа назад
Tricia Jones
Tricia Jones 23 часа назад
Wen Lu
Wen Lu 23 часа назад
The amazing song is literally making my ears pop, and I’m like, “Don’t! I’M ONLY HUMAN!!!”
Guerita Triste
Guerita Triste 23 часа назад
*A fuckin banger, if you ask me.*
Janice Taghoy
Janice Taghoy 23 часа назад
Officer. Steal Comments
Officer. Steal Comments 23 часа назад
Kevin in the middle works they all look good like that
Jennifer Chakoutis
Jennifer Chakoutis 23 часа назад
Had me wanting to dance but I was driving. Love it!
Anna Cute
Anna Cute День назад
Love sooo much this retro video style 😍❤
DJ Jazzy
DJ Jazzy День назад
Let's go this is a good song
Dima Fishman
Dima Fishman День назад
This song has a 80s oldskool steeze to it
BoyGamer Kings
BoyGamer Kings День назад
Who else when watching this I feel like I heard this before I was even born bruh
ganbadeo День назад
Summer Vibes!
Orville Grant
Orville Grant День назад
Nice Reggae Beat
Paulus Widhi
Paulus Widhi День назад
nice retro touch
agustina fernandez
agustina fernandez День назад
nos volvemos loqueeeees♥
Andrew Erntell
Andrew Erntell День назад
The auto tune is strong in this clip. Maybe the "boys" voices are too deep to appeal to 13 yr olds now. The song itself sounds like a UB 40 album filler.
Sasha Aaron
Sasha Aaron День назад
Можно подумать, что студия Гудкова снимала
Avenging Girl
Avenging Girl День назад
*¿Los 80's?*
DavidRincon_ph День назад
nba ree
nba ree День назад
Sing kevin
Channing Banks
Channing Banks День назад
This bangs 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 !!!
Nely Herzan
Nely Herzan День назад
Y los van a demandar por "la tortura"- Shakira?
mariela bojorquez
mariela bojorquez День назад
Thank you for come back and bring a new and unique style as musicians. 💜 Joe you always be my babe.
smileysims:P День назад
I'm so glad they are back together again.
Isabella George
Isabella George День назад
I love this song
Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet День назад
This is my current jam! Damn!
FashionablySparkly День назад
So no one is going to talk about their old logo at the end?? What does it mean?? Do they still have it??
Evian0401 День назад
I live in Michigan
Evian0401 День назад
Amberhan talked to me
Carol Lapinski
Carol Lapinski День назад
sem defeitos
son of divel
son of divel День назад
OMG it's perfect 😍
Rey Galvan
Rey Galvan День назад
can we talk about how usually nick is the center of the music videos but joe's confidence really took over in this one??? i love it!
RosselyFlota День назад
Look at their style 😎🤙
See Jay
See Jay День назад
Hot hot hottt 🔥
Janice Hudson
Janice Hudson День назад
Whenever I hear him singing I'm like I have a crush on him I want to kiss him real bad anyone ever wants to do that press
Janice Hudson
Janice Hudson День назад
If you like that press the like button if you like Nick Jonas
Amy Milne
Amy Milne День назад
Loved it!!!!! This song is so in my head rn.
Janice Hudson
Janice Hudson День назад
I have a crush I have a crush on Nick Jonas
Guada Alegre
Guada Alegre День назад
Coco Vallis
Coco Vallis День назад
Great song, again!!!
Christian Social Media
Christian Social Media День назад
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Nathy Shaaron05
Nathy Shaaron05 День назад
Is good
Aaron rodrigo
Aaron rodrigo День назад
Or go pato song 😅😅😅niceeee
Hard News TV 2
Hard News TV 2 День назад
i lived in 80s graduated in 1984...this is NOT 80s, maybe 90s but NOT anywhere near 80s
Skata Wolfhard
Skata Wolfhard День назад
Foxolate День назад
They are such dorks I LOVE THEM
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